May 20, 2024
The last touch of an intriguing, uneventful half is a niggly foul by Saka, who has temporarily misplaced his joie de vivre, on Onana. That’s another small victory for Everton, who have frustrated Arsenal with their defensive excellence. Gabriel Martinelli had a goal disallowed for a modern offside; that aside, Arsenal created little. Everton created even less, but they’ll hope to change that in the second half.

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It was offside. I think the reasoning is that Beto didn’t make an attempt to play the ball when Gabriel’s pass deflected off him, so his contribution was irrelevant. But there is also a discussion as to whether Nketiah was in an offside position; Gary Neville is querying the angle that was shown on the TV.

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To say it was coming would be an understatement.

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Dwight McNeil starts an Everton game for the first time this season, replacing James Garner on the right wing. Vitaliy Mykolenko comes in for Nathan Patterson, which means Ashley Young will move to right-back. Beto makes his home debut and Dominic Calvert-Lewin is among the substitutes.


David Raya makes his debut in goal for Arsenal, while Fabio Vieira is preferred to Kai Havertz in midfield. Eddie Nketiah keeps his place up front for now.


Everton (4-1-4-1) Pickford; Young, Tarkowski, Branthwaite, Mykolenko; Gueye; McNeil, Doucoure, Onana, Danjuma; Beto.
Substitutes: Virginia, Patterson, Keane, Godfrey, Garner, Onyango, Dobbin, Chermiti, Calvert-Lewin.


Arsenal (4-1-2-3) Raya; White, Saliba, Gabriel, Zinchenko; Rice; Odegaard, Vieira; Saka, Nketiah, Martinelli.
Substitutes: Ramsdale, Tomiyasu, Kiwior, Jorginho, Havertz, Trossard, Smith Rowe, Nelson, Jesus.


Referee Simon Hooper.

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Arsenal have a love/hate relationship with the north of England. They’ve won titles at Anfield and Old Trafford; they’ve also lost them at the Reebok Stadium, the Etihad and Old Trafford. No team has been called “southern softies” more often; no southern team has had as many euphoric moments the wrong side of Watford Gap.


If Arsenal are going to win the league under Mikel Arteta, they will have to do better in the north. Last season they dropped 11 points in Manchester and Merseyside alone, including a costly defeat at Goodison Park in Sean Dyche’s first game as Everton manager.


Arsenal’s recent record at Everton is woeful, with just one point in the last five visits. Given the overall performances of the teams in those five seasons – Arsenal 340 points, Everton 237 – that’s far from ideal.


Everton’s home form is even further from ideal, with five defeats in the last six games, and their planned takeover isn’t going to plan either. They are in desperate need of a defiant Goodison victory; trouble is, Arsenal need three points every bit as much, for very different reasons.


Kick off 4.30pm.

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Key occasions

48 min Gabriel is booked for a foul on Beto. Younger’s free-kick isn’t the perfect and Saliba clears.

46 min: Good save from Pickford! A flying begin from Arsenal. Rice slides a cautious go into Odegaard, on ther proper facet of the realm. He cuts inside Branthwaite and hammers a shot that’s pushed away to his proper by Pickford. On reflection Odegaard ought to have carried out higher; it was too near the keeper.

46 min Peep peep! Abdoulaye Doucoure begins the second half.

Half-time studying

Half time: Everton 0-0 Arsenal

The final contact of an intriguing, uneventful half is a niggly foul by Saka, who has quickly misplaced his joie de vivre, on Onana. That’s one other small victory for Everton, who’ve pissed off Arsenal with their defensive excellence. Gabriel Martinelli had a purpose disallowed for a contemporary offside; that apart, Arsenal created little. Everton created even much less, however they’ll hope to alter that within the second half.

45+4 min Arsenal have used one in every of their substitution home windows, so I’m wondering if we would see Gabriel Jesus exchange Eddie Nketiah as early as half-time.

45+3 min Saliba goes down holding his face after a problem with Beto. The referee tells him to rise up, so Arsenal kick the ball out of play. Beto caught him with a flailing arm, no roughly, and VAR doesn’t get entangled.

45+3 min “Gary Neville’s more and more tenuous reasoning as to why that was not offside jogged my memory of how I attempt to hold face when my youngsters discover out that I’m fully flawed on one thing,” writes Niall Mullen. “No, I did smash a glass however solely since you and your sister had been making an excessive amount of noise.”

45+2 min Younger takes a shortcut by the again of Trossard and is booked.

45+2 min Gueye’s cross is chested down by McNeil, whose half-volley on the flip hits Saliba. A number of the house crowd enchantment for a penalty however there was nothing in it.

45+1 min 4 minutes of added time.

45 min Arsenal have to be beginning to expertise deja vu, although there’s an upside to that as effectively: by successful the sport they will change the narrative, the file or no matter we’re calling it as of late, thus telling their unconscious that this season is completely different.

It’s a extremely essential second half for them. In the event that they don’t win at this time it’ll be an enormous blow, even this early within the season, and one other failure the flawed facet of Watford Hole.

44 min Zinchenko’s sensible lofted go releases Vieira on the left facet of the realm. He tries to chop it again to Nketiah however Branthwaite deflects the ball to security. Vieira may need been offside anyway.

Oleksandr Zinchenko of Arsenal.
Oleksandr Zinchenko of Arsenal. {Photograph}: Stuart MacFarlane/Arsenal FC/Getty Photographs

42 min “One other VAR LOL,” says David Bowen. “Would anybody within the floor or watching on the previous telebox actually be overcome with righteousness injustice if that purpose stood? Or put it one other approach, if there was a cricket type DRS would any Everton participant referred that? Truly they had been interesting so they may have carried out. Oh I don’t know any extra Rob. Do you? Does anybody?”

No. Some of the depressing issues about VAR is watching grown males – on the pitch and within the crowd – attempting it on the second the ball hits a defender’s hand, even when that defender is on all fours, unconscious, 0.0001 millimetres away from the ball, and two yards outdoors the penalty space. The hell with it.

40 min McNeil’s long-range shot is kicked away on the sting of the realm. Arsenal break however Everton’s again 9 get into place in a short time. Finally White cuts inside, performs a one-two with Odegaard and hits a rising drive from 20 yards that’s comfortably saved by Pickford. I believe that’s the primary shot on the right track at both finish.

39 min Sean Dyche might be thrilled with this primary half, which is a barely odd factor to say provided that Everton have barely had a kick. I suppose the identical was true of Arsenal at Anfield in 1989; all that mattered was having a clear sheet at half-time.

Everton's head coach Sean Dyche, left, gestures as Arsenal's manager Mikel Arteta looks on.
Everton’s head coach Sean Dyche, left, gestures as Arsenal’s supervisor Mikel Arteta seems on. {Photograph}: Jon Tremendous/AP

38 min “Not that tough,” says Rick McGahey of the disallowed purpose. “In an offside place. Sure. Was ball performed “intentionally” by opponent? No, a deflection and never off an try and play the ball (an try can be ‘deliberate’ even when it didn’t go the place it was meant to). So, attacker in offside place, didn’t get ball from a deliberate play by opponent, offside.”

Isn’t that precisely what I mentioned? I agree with you, although I’m undecided concerning the want for a contact to be deliberate. Gabriel was enjoying the ball nowhere close to Nketiah, so shouldn’t the deflection simply be a part of soccer’s pure variables? Undecided, I’d want to consider it. It’s befuddled me since that Karim Benzema purpose was disallowed within the Champions League closing.

37 min Mykolenko could be very late on Saka, who goes down in ache. There’s a VAR verify for a pink card however it wasn’t that unhealthy. He ought to have been booked although. The truth is the referee didn’t give a free-kick so he will need to have adopted the ball.

Mykolenko’s challenge is late on Saka.
Mykolenko’s problem is late on Saka. {Photograph}: Paul Ellis/AFP/Getty Photographs

34 min The disallowed purpose was the one time Arsenal have actually opened Everton up. It’s a barely odd recreation – the ambiance is admittedly flat, like a library, and Everton aren’t getting after Arsenal in any respect. However they’re defending very effectively.

32 min “Ramsdale will all the time be a fan favorite and he’s a top-class goalkeeper,” says Chris Lambert. “No matter Arteta sees within the background he may by no means publicly focus on alternative – he’d catch far an excessive amount of flak. If that’s his plan, it’ll be executed by the inch not the mile.”

Certainly it’s higher to tear the plaster off like Guardiola did with Joe Hart? Then once more, I suppose Alex Ferguson was a grasp of eliminating gamers in phases. My intuition is it’s a foul concept, if that’s what Arteta is doing. Perhaps he does simply need two high-class goalkeepers and thinks he can hold them each glad.

31 min Doucoure costs away from Rice, into the realm, however then initiates contact with Saliba and falls over. No penalty. Moments later, Gueye’s low shot from distance is comfortably saved by Raya.

30 min Possession up to now: Everton 21-79 Arsenal. Of far larger curiosity to Sean Dyche is the pictures on the right track: 0-0.

30 min A barely higher assault from Everton, however Younger’s cross is held comfortably by Raya. That’s the primary vaguely signification factor he’s needed to do.

28 min Beto is much too remoted for Everton. Gary Neville remains to be suggesting the offside choice was flawed; it seemed high-quality to me, although I actually don’t belief the know-how 100 per cent. I believed John Stones’ purpose towards Arsenal final season, for instance, seemed fairly iffy. “Offside is offside” needs to be banned from soccer punditry till we see how the entire course of works.

Etch A Sketch: 2018 version
Etch A Sketch: 2018 model. {Photograph}: BT Sport

26 min White’s cross is half cleared to Rice, who neatly makes room for a low shot that’s kicked away by Branthwaite. It’s nonetheless all Arsenal.

Talk about…????????

— Sky Sports activities Premier League (@SkySportsPL) September 17, 2023

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24 min: Arsenal substitution Leandro Trossard replaces Gabriel Martinelli, who went down with an damage virtually as quickly as play resumed after the disallowed purpose. Undecided what it’s, although it seems muscular.

Arsenal's Gabriel Martinelli is injured during the match between Everton and Arsenal at Goodison Park.
Arsenal’s Gabriel Martinelli is injured throughout the match between Everton and Arsenal at Goodison Park. {Photograph}: Jon Tremendous/AP

23 min Nketiah seems effectively offside to me; the problem is extra with the complicated regulation concerning a deliberate try and play the ball.

A participant in an offside place receiving the ball from an opponent who intentionally performs the ball, together with by deliberate handball, will not be thought-about to have gained a bonus, until it was a deliberate save by any opponent.

NO GOAL! Everton 0-0 Arsenal

It was offside. I believe the reasoning is that Beto didn’t make an try and play the ball when Gabriel’s go deflected off him, so his contribution was irrelevant. However there’s additionally a dialogue as as to if Nketiah was in an offside place; Gary Neville is querying the angle that was proven on the TV.

A display shows the VAR decision on the disallowed Arsenal goal.
A show exhibits the VAR choice on the disallowed Arsenal purpose. {Photograph}: Jon Tremendous/AP

Nketiah collected a unfastened ball and touched it off to Vieira. Everton stopped, considering Nketiah was offside (he was, however I believe the contact was off an Everton participant; it’s being checked by VAR). Vieira slid a high-quality go by to Martinelli, who opened his physique to form an emphatic end into the far nook.

GOAL! Everton 0-1 Arsenal (Martinelli 19)

To say it was coming can be an understatement.

Arsenal's Gabriel Martinelli finds the net before its disallowed.
Arsenal’s Gabriel Martinelli finds the online earlier than its disallowed. {Photograph}: Lee Smith/Motion Photographs/Reuters

18 min White’s teasing cross is sliced away from purpose by Vieira, who was stretching to volley from a good angle. The Arsenal strain is fairly incessant; Everton can’t get out.

17 min “As a Villa fan, I’m pleased with this season up to now,” writes Tony Hughes. “Nevertheless, rising up in Scotland, this season really feel just like the SPL for many of the Nineties, with Man Metropolis enjoying the Rangers function, and Arsenal or Liverpool as Celtic. In different phrases, how far behind Metropolis will Arsenal or Liverpool end and who will end third? At the same time as a Rangers fan again then, it acquired form of boring.”

Yeah, this feels just like the interval between 1999-2001 when Man Utd gained the league by 18 factors (in 1999-2000) and by New 12 months’s Day (2000-01). However you by no means know what’s not far away – that summer season they purchased two of the world’s finest gamers, and everybody assumed they’d win the league by October. Everybody besides Scott Murray. Everyone knows what occurred subsequent.

15 min The sample of the sport is as anticipated, virtually to the purpose of cliche. Everton’s midfield construction is fascinating: Gueye on Zinchenko, Doucoure on Rice and Onana placing out as man of Vieira and Odegaard’s fires as attainable.

14 min “So, Moshiri leaving?” says Invoice Hargreaves. “The tribulations of the sadly owned followers. Wasn’t way back that many Gooners had been hoping Usmanov would take over. Now we appear to be sheep in clover. The Kroenkes appear to know what they’re doing, and the son at the very least appears genuinely connected. Was Everton not more than an ill-advised plaything? Man Utf not more than a greed-inspired trinket? Do the pre-match burgers style higher underneath the precise possession?”

Burger and chips at The Emirates (@Arsenal)

???? £11

— Footy Scran (@FootyScran) June 10, 2022

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12 min Nketiah leaves a bit on Pickford, who simply beat him to Branthwaite’s iffy backpass. There wasn’t a lot in it, in reality, although it has stirred the house crowd.

11 min “One of many issues typically given in defence of Moshiri is that he’s spent some huge cash on the staff,” writes David Wall. “However ill-directed spending is not any assist in any respect, and in reality can work towards the supervisor (see additionally Manchester United previously decade, and Chelsea previously yr). All it does is create an unbalanced squad full of massive names, that supporters count on to see play and maybe managers really feel strain to play, whether or not they match the staff or not. And on prime of that it creates expectations, that having spent all that cash the membership needs to be profitable. Maybe we’d be higher off when making predictions and forming expectations trying on the high quality of the participant signed and the way they match right into a squad moderately than simply trying on the total outlay.”

There’s extra likelihood of me hitting my head on the ceiling of St Peter’s Basilica.

9 min One nook begets one other when Branthwaite’s tried clearance hits a teammate and ricochets behind. Arsenal work the nook brief, again to Zinchenko. He guides the ball into Vieira, who wafts over from 17 yards. Half an opportunity.

8 min Odegaard’s sliderule go in direction of Saka is put behind for a nook by Branthwaite. I forgot to say that McNeil is on the left, Danjuma on the precise in the meanwhile.

7 min Nothing a lot to report. Arsenal are dominating, although Beto has held the ball up effectively on a few events.

5 min “I form of really feel like Arteta’s ‘energy’ comes from a Napoleon complicated,” writes Eagle Brosi. “He feels he was a greater participant than anybody gave him credit score for. Because of this he slips up towards Everton. He was their captain, he was cherished; he doesn’t have that motivation to remain up until 2am finding out their weaknesses. It’s additionally why each time Arteta’s been awarded supervisor of the month – he loses the subsequent match. Not less than that’s my concept.”

As any individual who’s a great distance in need of 6ft, I acquired nuthin to say.

3 min Some good, rhythmic passing from Arsenal, who win the primary nook on the precise. Saka takes, Tarkowski heads away.

2 min Onana, not Idrissa Gueye, has began because the deepest Everton midfielder. That’s fascinating. The truth is, Gueye is mainly following Zinchenko when Arsenal have the ball. Has a left-back ever been man-marked earlier than? I believe Phil Neville was introduced on to mark Inter’s Javier Zanetti in 1998-99, although that was when Zanetti was at right-back.

1 min Peep peep! Bukayo Saka will get the sport underneath approach, with Arsenal kicking from left to proper as we watch.

Match report: Bournemouth 0-0 Chelsea

“Good morning from Pittsburgh!” says Eric Peterson. “I might urge these contemplating Arsenal’s title possibilities to nip all such ideas within the bud till they present they will truly play prefer it. Arsenal have, so as: stumbled to underwhelming one-goal wins over Forest and Palace, dropped factors by yielding an equaliser to 10-man Fulham, and waited till stoppage time to lastly get the successful purpose towards Manchester United (which will be the most shameful efficiency of all, come to think about it). The Arsenal I see up to now this yr is a transparent stage under the one which seemed like the category of the division for three-fourths of final season.”

Yeah, I believe solely Liverpool may problem Metropolis, although I mentioned the identical this time final yr.

“So!” says Charles Antaki. “Right here we go then with the Raya/Ramsdale face/off. With luck, Arteta will defuse all of it with a considered announcement of a brief damage of some type to Ramsdale, in any other case the whispers will start in earnest. A 5-0 win over Everton would be the happier distraction, however recalling what occurred final time, that’s not a given.”

Rotation is difficult sufficient for younger managers to grasp with out including an pointless layer. I believe he’s attempting to switch Ramsdale in phases, however that has dangers of its personal.

Bournemouth 0-0 Chelsea was the rating within the early recreation.

Pre-match studying

Crew information

Dwight McNeil begins an Everton recreation for the primary time this season, changing James Garner on the precise wing. Vitaliy Mykolenko is available in for Nathan Patterson, which suggests Ashley Younger will transfer to right-back. Beto makes his house debut and Dominic Calvert-Lewin is among the many substitutes.

David Raya makes his debut in purpose for Arsenal, whereas Fabio Vieira is most popular to Kai Havertz in midfield. Eddie Nketiah retains his place up entrance for now.

Everton (4-1-4-1) Pickford; Younger, Tarkowski, Branthwaite, Mykolenko; Gueye; McNeil, Doucoure, Onana, Danjuma; Beto.
Substitutes: Virginia, Patterson, Keane, Godfrey, Garner, Onyango, Dobbin, Chermiti, Calvert-Lewin.

Arsenal (4-1-2-3) Raya; White, Saliba, Gabriel, Zinchenko; Rice; Odegaard, Vieira; Saka, Nketiah, Martinelli.
Substitutes: Ramsdale, Tomiyasu, Kiwior, Jorginho, Havertz, Trossard, Smith Rowe, Nelson, Jesus.

Referee Simon Hooper.


Arsenal have a love/hate relationship with the north of England. They’ve gained titles at Anfield and Previous Trafford; they’ve additionally misplaced them on the Reebok Stadium, the Etihad and Previous Trafford. No staff has been referred to as “southern softies” extra typically; no southern staff has had as many euphoric moments the flawed facet of Watford Hole.

If Arsenal are going to win the league underneath Mikel Arteta, they must do higher within the north. Final season they dropped 11 factors in Manchester and Merseyside alone, together with a expensive defeat at Goodison Park in Sean Dyche’s first recreation as Everton supervisor.

Arsenal’s latest file at Everton is woeful, with only one level within the final 5 visits. Given the general performances of the groups in these 5 seasons – Arsenal 340 factors, Everton 237 – that’s removed from preferrred.

Everton’s house type is even farther from preferrred, with 5 defeats within the final six video games, and their deliberate takeover isn’t going to plan both. They’re in determined want of a defiant Goodison victory; bother is, Arsenal want three factors each bit as a lot, for very completely different causes.

Kick off 4.30pm.

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